CLEY01 Erasable Colored Non-sharpening Pencil


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  1. Barrel : AS
  2. Cap : AS
  3. Pencil lead : wax
  4. Eraser : TPR
  5. End plug : PE


  1. Color Lead : 3.0 mm
  2. Product Size : 16.5 cm x 2.7 cm (diameter)
  3. 15 pcs erasable color refills in one piece.


      3 pcs / in one card packing

Product Description: 

  • Erasable Colored Non-sharpening Pencil with shaped eraser topper, Christmas design, elegant and nice, ideal as a wonderful gift to friends in Christmas season..
  • Erasable color formulas, the product let kids or other users redo drawing or correct mistakes.
  • Bright colors are perfect for creating detailed artwork by kids and adults.
  • 14 color leads in one pen, easy to carry for creating art pages by painting, drawing and sketching easily.
  • High quality color leads with brilliant colors, popular for kids works in school and office using.
  • Erasable Colored Pencil is passionate about helping creative students or adults become inspired in arts..