ARBB06 Erasable Crayon with Eraser Topper


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Material :

  1. Plastic Part : AS
  2. Eraser : TPR
  3. Color Leads : Wax

  Specification :

  1. Mini crayon, 6 cartridges with 6 different colors
  1. Product Size : 8.5 x 3.0 x 1.5 cm
  2. Barrel Shape : Round
  3. Pre-sharpened.
  4. Usage : Writing, painting, drawing and sketching

 Packing :  36 pcs in one display box

 Product Description :

  1. Erasable Crayon, mixing 6 colors, with light weight, easy to carry and use.
  2. Cute shaped eraser topper for good look to attrack kids enjoying the drawing with fun, also with nice color erasing function. It is available to be any cute shapes.
  3. Non-toxic kids crayon is ideal for ages 3 and older preschooler or the beginners, kindergarten in drawing on coloring books, sketch, creating pictures at home or school, essential creative tool for kids.
  4. Brilliant colored lines are perfect for school projects and creating detailed artwork.
  5. Round barrel with eraser holder helps stable drawing or sketching.
  6. It inspires kids with their artistic creativity by using this beautiful crayon.
  7. Available for OEM customized product with its original cute structure.