VPNO-A001 Liquid Glue Pen


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Material :

1.      Liquid : Polyvinyl acetate (PVA), Epoxy resins, Solvents

2.      Pen Cap and Barrel --- PE


Specification :

1.      Large capacity liquid glue pen.

2.      Precision glue application, easy to control like writing.

3.      Quick-dry glue pens for crafting, featuring a fine tip. Suitable for scrapbooking, card making, and kids' school supplies.

4.      Liquid glue available in various beautiful colors.


Appeox : Pencil : L 14 cm x Diameter 1.5 cm


Packing :

6 pcs/1 PVC box, 8 boxes/6 inners/1 carton 


Product Description :

Liquid Glue Pen


Benefit :

1.      Precise control of flow, ensures you never waste glue.

2.      Kid-friendly, large capacity glue pen, avoid about glue spread everywhere.

3.      Applying glue like writing, saving time and making crafting more efficient.

more like writing than sticking, convenient to carry and store.

4.      Dry quickly after sticking and strong enough, saving time and making crafting more efficient.

5.      Wide application, using this glue pen for card making, scrapbooking, or wherever accurate glue application is required.