LLOZ01 Erasable Rocket Crayon With Eraser (Animal Shape Crayon)


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Item no. LLOZ01 


1. Barrel: AS

2. Cap: AS

3. Crayon: WAX

4. Eraser: TPR

5. Crayon Holder: PP


1. Approx: 12.8 cm x 1.8 cm

2. Crayon: With bear & frog mascot

3. 5 assorted crayon colors in full prints


36 pcs/display box, 4 boxes/inner, 6 inners/ctn 

Product Description: 

Erasable rocket crayon with eraser:

1. 5 different refills colors

2. Crayon are erasable and with bear & frog mascot

3. Eraser cap can erase the crayon with bear & frog mascot

4. Perfect for kids and adults- A great gift for any artistic child or adult.

5. 5 bright colors- The piece of erasable rocket crayon comes with different vibrant colors in the barrel so you will have plenty of options to make wonderful works of art.