ADBT06 4 Refills Diamond Stacking Crayon & 1 Refill Ball Pen With Shell Topper


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Item no. ADBT06


1. Crayon: WAX

2. Crayon Holder: PP

3. Stacking Diamond: AS

4. Shell Topper: AS

5. Ball pen refill: AS


1. Approx: 14.5 cm x 3 cm x 1.2 cm (L x W x H)

2. 4 refills stacking diamond crayon + 1 refill ball pen

3. Cute diamond shape with lovely printing


24 pcs/box, 4 boxes/inner, 4 inners/ctn    

Product Description: 

Each piece crayon consists of 4 small single shorts crayon in different colors & 1 refill ball pen

Each small crayon can be taken down and re-stacked easily as per your preferred color sequence or length & ball pen with smooth writing.

Lots of Fun: the stacking crayons make drawing/painting, coloring and art working more interesting and these multicolored crayons are perfect for gift bag fillers for birthday party,.

Safe & Easy to use: Made of non toxic paraffin , plastic and a cap to keep them safe, lightweight and thick enough for kids little hands to hold a tight grip on them.