Clipboard Folio with Lined Notepad


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 Item no.: Clipboard Folio with Lined Notepad


  1. Outer cover: Plastic
  2. Inner sheet: Paper


  1. 40 lined pages included
  2. Size of Folio Clipboard aprox. 21cm x 14.7cm x 1.2cm



      1 set packed with opp bag

Product Description: 

Clipboard Folio with Lined Notepad


  • Includes lined notepad: Clipboard folio includes a removable notepad on the inside, and when that notepad is full, you can replace it with a standard pad!
  • Perfect for On the Go: Folding clipboard is designed to securely hold papers in the right position so you can write, draw, and brainstorm like never before! The hardcover provides plenty of padding to write on-the-go. Plus, the slim desogn fots well in backpacks, briefcases, and more.