VINO-A001 12 Forever Colored Pencil Set


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Material :

1.      Tip core --- durable graphene nib

2.      Barrel --- PE

3.      Eraser --- TPR


Specification :

1.      Everlasting inkless color pencil revolutionizes the solution to the problem of traditional color pencils breaking.

2.      These eternal color pencils as the infinity pencils writes 180 times longer than a regular pencils.

3.      Use these colored endless pencils to sketch, draw, paint, you will feel very hassle-free, no dirty hands, no sharpeners, no pencil shavings, and forever inkless.


Appeox : Pencil : L 17.5 cm x Diameter 0.77cm


Packing :

12 pcs/1 PVC box + eraser, 200 sets/1 carton


Product Description :

12 Forever Colored Pencil Set


Benefit :

1.      These eternal color pencils are no need to polish the tip or sharpen the pencil when using them.

2.      Bright colors effect ! Great combo for the price.

3.      They are ergonomically designed to be sturdy and comfortable, reusable, lightweight and easy to carry, providing you with long-lasting service and a great writing experience.

4.      The practical pencils that can be widely used by students, teachers, office staffs, the ideal gift for all of them.


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