Brief History

Brief History

In the era of 60’s, most of the people still used wooden pencils as the main writing tool and sharpen it by knife frequently.  The founder of K.C. Chuang felt the inconvenience of this situation.  He decided to invest a considerable amount of capital to purchase the patent right for the Non-sharpening Pencil. 

In year 1967, the first piece of Non-sharpening Pencil was produced by automatic machine.  Meanwhile, PIONEER INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was founded at the same time. Mr. Chuang also registered “BENSIA” as the company logo, to represent the company spirit in working attitude and our product characteristics consistently to our brand.

B --- Best

E --- Economy

N --- Novel

S --- Safe

I --- Instant

A --- Attractive




BENSIA, our created trademark has positively expanding our international market up to more than 100 countries, and has devoting to stationery products creation with good quality. Under BENSIA trademark, we keep continuously to create fantastic designs and fashionable collections for our products year by year. We provide to our customers most competitive and popular products in their markets to help them making more profits. As a result, BENSIA stationery products become popular in all world markets.


For catching up the requests of the consumers, we always keep researching and innovating to bring in the newest technology and meanwhile developing relevant producing machinery in order to heighten efficiency and upgrade the quality of our products.  We deeply believe that Pioneer Industrial Corp. with its facility, capacity and creating ability, will provide you a very rich and strong competition in stationery field among all the competitors.  Our goal is not only making profits in business, but also to bring a comfortable and convenient stationery operation to all consumers with convenience, fun, joy, creation and novelty...


For satisfying the huge demand of our products by customers from all over the world, we did expand our oversea factories as following :

In year 1987, we established a new factory in Thailand.

In year 1992, we established a new factory in China.

In year 2000, we established a new factory in Vietnam.


With market consumption trends, we took different license factory audits, and OEM license of stationery products into the markets, just like Disney, Mattel, Marvel, Universal Studio, Sanrio and so many other local licenses in different countries. We are keeping improve the quality of our products to comply with various compliance testing standards in the United States and Europe in order to protect our global environment.



We will uphold the spirit of BENSIA and continue to improve ourselves, in the company's management, well-production and new product development.  We will provide the stationery consumers with high-quality and fantasy products without stop, also pursue higher level in the field of stationery to be your most competitive manufacture among all the competitors.


And our company is also the Hello Kitty licensee in Taiwan for more than 34 years, develops a lots of stationery products and daily necessities distributing in Taiwan market with great success.