VERT269 Wooden Pencil with Cosmetic Brush Shape Eraser


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Material :

  1. Barrel : Linden level A
  2. Graphic lead : HB
  3. Eraser : TPR
  4. Ferrule : Aluminum, gold color

  Specification :

  1. Unique matt pearly heat transfer finishing on barrel, special and latest new finishing.
  1. Product Size : 21 x diameter 0.5 cm
  2. Shape : round barrel
  3. For sketching, drawing and writing

Packing : 48 pcs/drum

 Product Description :

  1. Unique and elegant flower design with matt pearly heat transfer finishing on barrel to increase the product value.
  2. Special cosmetic brush shape eraser toppers make the product with special decoration in look comparing with others.
  3. Natural wood, eco-friendly, with high quality graphic lead offers extra smooth writing with joy.
  4. It’s wonderful, novel and beautiful look, great for kids, school children and office people sending it to friends as a gift.
  5. Perfect for school or office use, ideal for writing, sketching or drawing.

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