VEOH01 Dipped End Wooden Pencil with Plastic Cap


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Material :

  1. Barrel : Linden
  2. Lead : HB
  3. Cap : PP

  Specification :

  1. Dipped End, with design on the end
  2. Barrel : holographic shrinking film finishing + designs
  3. Pencil Size : 20.5 cm x diameter 0.8 cm
  4. Barrel Shape : Round
  5. Usage : writing, sketch and drawing
  6. Unsharpened

 Packing : 60 pcs/1 plastic drum

 Product Description :

  1. Hholographic shrinking film finishing with design on barrel, and dipped end with design on it, very sophisticated craftsmanship in production.
  2. Plastic cap can protect the leads while using and keeping in the pencil box, also with good looking image.
  3. Plastic cap extends the writing comfort with easier way when the wooden pencil is cutting in short condition.
  4. Very welcome by various consumers with its beautiful and special design.
  5. Durable HB pencil leads and finest basswood for school kids and office people
  6. Comfortable to grip, proper size for adults, students to use.
  7. Ideal gift for friends, kids and colleagues for its unique beauty and elegance
  8. Light weight with balance in hand writing with good feeling

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