LBNO-A001 Large & Fine Wax Crayon


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Large & Fine Wax Crayon

Material :


Size: L x W x H=9 cm x 1.1 cm x 0.8 cm


Specification :

1).EASY-GRIP AND LARGE & FINE ENDS SIZE: unique triangular ergonomic finger position design makes crayons easier for toddlers to grip, while they won't roll off onto the floor as easily as other round crayons. The size is perfect for toddlers' small fingers to grasp and feel comfortable with, and this triangular design with LARGE & FINE ends can also cultivate a correct grip posture for kids.


2)SAFE AND NON-TOXIC CRAYONS: LARGE & FINE toddler crayons are made from non-toxic, natural synthetic wax, and pure ingredients, free of odors, benzene, or heavy metals. safe crayons for preschoolers 2-4 years old and toddlers 1-3 years old. Triangular with large & fine ends crayons make sure your children are convenient while they are exploring their artistic side.


·         SILKY SMOOTH AND VIBRANT COLORS: Large & Fine ends crayon kid-friendly crayons come with 12 fun, bright colors your little one will love using whether they're coloring in the lines of a coloring book or creating something independently from scratch. Triangular crayons create a smooth and silky color that glides on without kids needing to put some muscle into it, which allows your baby to love drawing. Paint to create beautiful paintings with ENMY's crayons.



Packing :

12 pcs/1 color box, 4 color boxes/8 inners/ctn


Product Description :

12 Colors Large & Fine ends crayon are  for Toddlers, Mess Free Unbreakable Non-toxic Crayon Gifts, Easy to Hold Washable Crayons for Kids, Safe Coloring Gifts for Babies and Children

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