CJBB14 Non-sharpening color pencil


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  1. Barrel :  AS
  2. Cap :  AS
  3. Pencil lead :  wax
  4. Eraser : TPR


  1. Color Lead : 3.0 mm
  2. 16 cm x 0.8 cm (diameter)
  3. 11 pcs colors in one piece.


      36 pcs per round drum

Product Description: 

  1. 11 cartridges with 11 colors, easy to use in painting, drawing and sketching, wide range in using.
  2. No trouble in sharpening the color pencil, you just need to change the pencil refill at any time, convenient and fast.
  3. Transparent barrel design makes the product being elegant and obvious in color choosing.
  4. High quality leads , easy for painting with brilliant colors, suitable for Kids and adults in school and office using, to create and enjoy the art creation.
  5. Safe and Nontoxic, ideal for kids age 6 and up.
  6. The color pen helps user to express, create, and connect through colorful play.

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