IIJD-A001 Gel Pen with Liquid Topper


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Material :

1.      Barrel : AS

2.      Topper Cap : AS

3.      Liquid : Pure Water

4.      Unicorn / Swan : Resin

5.      Pom Pom : faux fur.


Specification :

1.      Gel Pen with Liquid Topper ( Swan/Unicorn Design, Floating Beads Inside ).

2.      Beautiful and special product, elegant writing instruments designed for the fashion-forward crowd.

3.      Writing with fun and joy : users shake the topper seeing the floating snow with unicorn and swan inside the liquid,

4.      Special designed liquid topper is dynamic beauty, which makes your pen look more gorgeous and attractive


Appeox : L 18.5 cm x W 3.0 cm


Packing :

12 pcs/1 display box


Product Description :

Gel Pen with Liquid Topper


Benefit :

1.      Smooth writing with black or blue ink, 0.5mm tip. Available to be Ball Point Pen.

2.      The colorful small pom-poms in the pen tube are very pretty decorations.

3.      Light pressure needed to write, provides define lines, perform smoothly and evenly without smudging or skipping, making writing by hand an absolute pleasure.

4.      These chic writing instruments are perfect for gifts, personal use, and are ideal for both office and school settings.

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