Hello Kitty Make Up Standing Mirror


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Item no. Hello Kitty Make Up Standing Mirror




1. Approx: 17 cm x 13..2 cm x 0.5 cm

2. Adjustable

3. High definition

4. Easily carry

Product Description: 

1. The cosmetic mirror is made of high quality ABS and glass, which can clearly see your facial feature and is more durable than normal plastic mirror.

2. It perfects for make up, shaving, brushing your teeth, exfoliating and more.

3. You will have sturdy standing and stand stably on the table or any flat surface.

4. Foldable design is easy to take away and daily maintenance.

5. Perfect for travel, office desk, vanity table

6. Clearly HD mirror, reflective objects without distortion, good perspective, reflect your true face


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