Hello Kitty Drawing Compass


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Material :

Plastic, Stainless

Specification :

  1. Product Size : 16 x 5 x 2 cm
  2. Colors : Dark Pink
  3. Designs : Hello Kitty
  4. Characteristic : Drawing Compass with Pencil Portable Geometry Drawing Tools for Drawing a Perfect Circle
  5. Usage : for School Circle Drawing   

 Packing : 1 pc/1 PVC Box + Papper Header

 Product Description :

  1. Drawing Compass is made of alloy and ABS, and has a non-slip shaft, a soft rubber sheath and stable to drawing and durable.
  2. With extra pencil refills for long time usage.
  3. The compass has a stable axis of rotation, which enables people to draw a circle stably and accurately position it when using it.
  4. The compass is exquisite and compact in shape, easy to carry, easy to store, does not take up too much space, and meets the needs of students very well.
  5. Compass with mechanical pencil is used for math, geometry, art, drafting.

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